A Modern Shaman

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Damien serves as a modern-day shaman, a bridge between the ethereal and the earthly, guiding souls to realign their energies and achieve balance. Life’s journey scars us with traumas and wounds, each incident chipping away at our essence, our vitality, leading to an imbalance.

This dissonance manifests anxiety, fear, depression, even illness and can spiral into addiction, isolation, despair, and disease.

Contrary to the belief that we are merely bodies with a soul, it is the soul that has chosen the vessel of the body, but with a veil of forgetfulness cast over our celestial origins.

It is through achieving balance and harmony that we heal.

Healing beckons us to master the art of soul navigation, to uncover the purpose that we envisioned before embodiment. Our true calling is to heed our inner compass, steering us towards our soul’s aspirations in this existence. Yet, without guidance, many wander adrift in the shadows, ensnared by fear and anguish.

Happiness, abundance, and liberation from suffering are our inherent rights. The path to reclaiming them begins with self-healing, restoring harmony and balance, and reclaiming the fragments of power lost to past traumas. It is a formidable odyssey towards wholeness.

Walking In Two Worlds

Shamans like Damien dedicate themselves as conduits of the spirit, delivering messages and escorting you through the spiritual realms to retrieve the lost pieces of your soul. Performing this sacred duty with the support of their spiritual allies, dwelling in both the light and shadow realms.


Modern Shaman

Meet Damien

I am an explorer of the spiritual realm, authoring “Journey of the Soul: Guide to healing, self-reflection, and authenticity,” a manuscript that mirrors my quest for healing and truth. My artistry is a homage to the natural world, capturing the essence and the subtle complexities through my crafts. My language weaves metaphors and poetry, resonating with the deep connections I feel with the universe. I am curious about the spiritual arts and the practicalities of life, and I find joy in the music that moves me, from the resonant beats of drums to the gentle shake of rattle. With my hands, I create art that encapsulates the essence of my spiritual journey, each piece a fragment of the diverse interests that shape my existence.

Traditional vs. Modern

Traditional Shamanism

Shamanism is rooted in every part of the world and in the traditions of the culture it is part of. It can be traced back to thousands of years and even to Neanderthals. With a long history many practices of shamanism come with rituals and ceremonies that also express many dances or chants of the ancestors of our past. Traditional Shamanism is a great way to connect to your past and culture.

Modern Shamanism

Modern Shamanism is more about the root of shamanism and not including the cultural traditions. These Shamans still work as conduits, spiritual guides and healers but through their own unique relationship with spirit, not one taught in traditions or rituals. They are guided to create their own rituals and paths and this makes them one of a kind and able to help others through life experience and their communion with spirit.

Which Way is Better?

Whatever way you feel resonates with you more is the better direction. If you feel that a modern shaman that isn’t about traditional dances and chanting but instead guides you through a meditation while drumming is your spiritual guide better than a shaman in the mountain tops of Peru. Then that is who you need to seek but if you feel that traveling to a distant foreign cultural shaman then you will get the most out of that journey. However local shamans regardless of modern or traditional are usually the best to seek as one of the Shamans goals is to help their community and they will be available to you more frequently.

We all need someone to help us on our journey.

  • Confidential and Professional.
  • Kind, Fair, and Humble.
  • Understanding and Unconditional.